• A. V. Sivogelezo
  • М. O. Sykal
  • V. V. Chugai
  • O. A. Tonkoglas
Keywords: ventral hernia, plastic surgery, laparoscopy, complications.


Summary. LGP passed test time, and its popularity grows. Today more and more surgeons readily accept it. Thanks to standardization of methods we can minimize quantity of postoperative complications and improve results of treatment of patients with ventral hernias.

Materials and methods. In clinic of surgery department No. 2 on the basis of surgical department of Regional Hospital from 2017 performed 1231 operations of ventral hernias. At 411 (33 %) patients the laparoscopic hernioplasty is executed.

Results and discussion. Intraoperative bleedings, intestines injuries, a surgical infection, an infection of a mesh, seroma and others belong to specific intraoperative and extra operational complications of laparoscopic hernioplasty of ventral hernias. We observed bleedings from an abdominal wall in 6 cases and from abdominal organs at 2 patients from 411 patients that made 1,9 %. In 3 cases it is noted infection of a mesh after laparoscopic hernioplasty (0,8 %). At 2 patients the inflammation managed to be liquidated in the conservative way, at 1 patient were forced to remove abscess with the part of a mesh. The most widespread complication after laparoscopic hernioplasty, according to our data - the seroma is noted at 34 of 411 patients (8,2 %).

Conclusion. Laparoscopic interventions concerning ventral hernias demand care in time and after operation, early recognition of complications and their timely treatment, important for reduction of the risks.


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