• N. N. Veligotsky
  • A. S. Trushin
  • A. I. Seroshtanov
  • I. E. Bugakov
  • A. A. Sheptukha
  • V. M. Boev
Keywords: trophic ulcer, vacuumeecstraction, vein deficiency.


Summary. Goal — optimization of treatment of patients with trophic ulcers

Materials and methods: data on the treatment of trophic ulcers of the lower extremities in 66 patients by vacuum extraction (VE) are presented.

Results and discussion: the effectiveness of the method for the treatment of complications of varicose disease, reducing the healing time of wounds compared to traditional methods of treatment is shown. The advantages and features of the method are described

Conclusions: The main goals of VE in CVI are to stop or reduce the clinical manifestations of CVI, to heal a trophic ulcer, and to prepare for surgery. In some patients, radical surgery cannot be performed. Therefore, periodic courses of VE is the main method of treatment for them. The combination of VE and traditional methods can improve the quality of life and reduce the time of preparing the patient for surgery.


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Veligotsky, N. N., Trushin, A. S., Seroshtanov, A. I., Bugakov, I. E., Sheptukha, A. A., & Boev, V. M. (2020). OPTIMIZATION OF TREATMENT OF TROPHIC ULCERS BY VACUUM EXTRACTION. Kharkiv Surgical School, (1), 134-136. https://doi.org/10.37699/2308-7005.1.2020.22