• V.V. Vashchuk
  • V.P. Andrushchenko
  • T.V. Khomchenko
  • T.P. Kyryk
Keywords: acute uncomplicated appendicitis, antibiotics, appendectomy, meta-analysis


Summary. The paper reviews the results of randomized controlled trials and meta-analysis data from comparisons of antibiotics and appendectomy in the treatment of acute uncomplicated appendicitis ) is carried. It has been shown that appendectomy remains in most cases the gold standard for the treatment of acute uncomplicated appendicitis is proved. At the same time, it is noted that in separate groups of patients with no risk of development of complications and / or with high operational risk in persons with critical violations of vital functions of the body, in case of impossibility to perform an operation, antibiotic therapy can be a highly effective and safe method of treatment is established. Preparations of choice are carbapenems (mepenes), fluoroquinolones III (levofloxacin) and metronidazos/ornizol is indicated.


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