• D. A. Perehodko
  • E. A. Stadnik
Keywords: сolon cancer, neoplasia, fotodynamic diagnostic, endoscopy.


Resume. In this work we introduce the results of examination of 35 patients with neoplasia of distal part of colon. During this examination we use a system of fotodynamic diagnostic SFD.M16-1C2 and a pharmacological drug Hyperflav. Endoscopic examination (video colonoscopy) was doing during 7-9 hours after patients had taken 2 capsules of Hyperflav (8 mg. of hyperycine). From areas which had been fluorescent inducted by photosensibilisation, typical for morphological atypical cells, a biopsy was done. Using of photodynamic diagnostic help us to raise accuracy, sensitivity, specificity of verification of neoplastic processes of mucous membrane of the colon up to 99,8%, 94,9%,94,0% in accordance.


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