• V. V. Lazurenko
  • R. A. Safonov
  • I. V. Starkova
  • O. A. Lyashchenko
  • A. S. Goryanskiy
Keywords: uterine leiomyoma, pyomyoma, secondary appendicitis, perforation, laparoscopy


Abstract. Purpose. To demonstrate a rare clinical case of pyomyoma complicated by perforation and the development of secondary appendicitis

Materials and methods. The study involved clinical instrumental examination and surgical treatment of a woman with extragenital pathology, who presented in postmenopausal period with uterine leiomyoma modified into pyomyoma and hystero-appendicular fistula resulting in secondary appendicitis.

Results. Diagnosis of pyomyoma is difficult due to absence of pathognomonic symptoms and mimicking into a range of pathological conditions inherent to postmenopausal period. This complication of leiomyoma may result in spontaneous perforation of the uterus involving neighboring organs in the inflammatory process and the development of surgical diseases, particularly secondary appendicitis. 

Conclusions. In pyomyoma, even taking into account complications in the form of surgical diseases there is a possibility of performing laparoscopic surgical treatment of the required volume which gives a positive result.


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