• Andrii Klymenko
  • Igor Kononenko
Keywords: laparoscopic resection, colorectal anastomosis, anastomotic leak, anastomotic enhancement, anastomotic assessment.


Summary. Colorectal anastomotic leak after low anterior resection of sigmoid colon and rectum is one of the hardest complications leading to perioperative morbidity and mortality increase and prolonged hospital stay. One of the directions of contemporary research includes assessment and improval of anastomotic technique as well with the use of staplers to decrease the risk of anastomotic leak and rate of uncomfortable protective ileostomy. There is no consensus today about this matter.

In our research we dealt with the results of 92 patients after laparoscopic anterior resection for rectal cancer. The main group consisted of 32 (32.9%) patients who had undergone laparoscopic anterior resection for rectal cancer with the use of modified in our clinic anastomotic technique and intraoperative videoscopic assessment of the colorectal anastomosis. The control group consisted of 60 (65.2%) patients after standard traditional laparotomy for rectal cancer. 7.6% of the patients in total had specific related to the surgical techniques complications at the intra and postoperative period with no statistic difference between the groups. The modified in the clinic anastomotic technique which includes oversawing of the stapler line with seroserous stitches and anastomose assessment by simple laparoscope videorectoscopy proved to be useful and prevented leak in all the patients.


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