• I. S. Pulyaeva
Keywords: synthetic patch, surgical treatment of carotids.


Aim. To define tactics of treatment of patients with infecting of synthetic patch after carotid endarterectomia(CEA).

Materials and methods. As a result of treatment of 123 patients with hemodynamically meaningful stenosises of carotids and/or presence of embolic plate in SI «Zaycev V.T. IGUS of NAMSU» from 2014 for 2018 51 CEA was executed with in seaming of patch. In 5 cases autove in used as a patch, at 46 patients were used synthetic patch. As a rule, this group was entered by patients with extensive stenosis (more than 2 cm) - 33 patients, patients with insufficient retrograde pressure and/or presence of neurological deficit in the period of crossclamping of internal carotid — 18 patients.

Results. The direct results of operation we estimated complex on the basis of degree of change of clinical status and presence of postoperative complications. At 43 patients in a postoperative period are not educed complications. At 8 patients an early postoperative period was complicated by bleeding from a patch, that demanded the repeated operative treatment. In two cases through 2 and 2,5 year, infecting of synthetic patch, that demanded urgent operative intervention as excision of synthetic patch and inseaming of autovein patch, was educed. To the patients control of passableness of carotids was executed through every 6 months Hemodynamically meaningful Restenilооm was observed in 3 cases at this group of patients.

Conclusion. At hemodynamically meaningful extensive stenosises of carotids and insufficient level of retrograde arteriotony it is necessary to execute CEA with inseaming of synthetic patch. In case of the repeated interference on a carotid careful hemostasis and antibacterial therapy allows to bring down the level of infectious complications.


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