• S.F. Koshak
  • A. V. Belyak
  • O. S. Petryshyn
Keywords: thorax trauma, penetrating wounding of thorax (PWT), closed trauma of thorax (CTT).


Summary. Aim. Improving the results of treatment of chest injuries.

Materials and methods. 2112 patients with thorax trauma were treated in Lviv lung centre from 1998 to February 2021 year. Diagnosis consisted of clinical, radiological, bronchological, thoracoscopic, sonographic and computer tomography of the chest.

Results and their discussion. 2112 patients (at the age of 12-87): penetrating wounding of thorax (PWT) – 501 (23,72%, including 68 wounding of heart and pericardium), closed trauma of thorax (CTT) – 1611 (76,28%); males – 1991 (94,27%), females – 121 (5,73%). 26 (5,32%) patients with PWT have died after operations, among them – 11 patients with heart wounding; and 11 (0,68%) males have died with combined CTT (7 patients with closed trauma of brain from 48 – 14,6%). Total mortality was 1,75 % (37 from 2112).

Conclusions . At PWT the thoracotomy, except for urgent states, it is expedient to postpone and carry out it after stabilization of hemodynamics of the patient. Thoracoscopy is mandatory for all patients with PWT with a stable general condition. At patients with a floating segment of a chest wall of a technique of its fixing to define individually depending on a situation.


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