• V. P. Polyovyy
  • R. I. Sydorchuk
  • S. P. Polyova
  • A. S. Palianytsia
  • I. G. Chepega
Keywords: peritonitis, enteral insufficiency, phase maps of microscopic images.


Summary. The aim is to determine the efficiency of diagnostics of the enteric insufficiency syndrome severity in peritonitis by phase mapping of microscopic images of histological sections of the laboratory rats’ small intestine.

Material and methods. Seventy-eight white nonlinear rats of both sexes were selected, weighing from 180 to 220 g, underwent simulated mild, moderate and severe experimental peritonitis according to the standard method. Samples of optically thin histological sections of the small intestine of rats with different severity of the course of peritonitis were used as the research object.

Results. As a result of the study, a structural and logical scheme for studying the effectiveness of differential diagnosis of the severity of peritonitis by means of statistical analysis of the structure of the distribution of phases of microscopic images of biological preparations of rats was developed, which helped to determine the relationships between the distribution of statistical parameters of the 1st–4th orders, which characterize phase maps depending on the severity of the peritonitis course.

Conclusion. The revealed changes in the statistical structure of phase maps fully correlate with the measurement data for the polarization phase manifestations of the properties of the polycrystalline component of histological sections, both in the case of the phase measurement of polycrystalline blood films and the wall of the small intestine.


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Polyovyy, V. P., Sydorchuk, R. I., Polyova, S. P., Palianytsia, A. S., & Chepega, I. G. (2021). ENTERAL INSUFFICIENCY COURSE SEVERITY DEGREES DIAGNOSTICS IN PERITONITIS BY SMALL INTESTINAL MICROSCOPIC IMAGES PHASE MAPING. Kharkiv Surgical School, (1), 25-30. https://doi.org/10.37699/2308-7005.1.2021.05