• M. G. Gnatyuk
  • S. Yu. Shevchenko
  • D. Yu. Kryvoruchko
  • V. Yu. Bodyak
  • Yu. P. Petruk
  • S. I. Rayichuk
  • M. V. Lianskorunskiy
  • Yu. Ya. Chuprovskaya
  • S. L. Hovornian
Keywords: cystadenoma, pancreas.


Summary. Introduction. Cystadenoma of the pancreas is a benign tumor in the form of a cyst of epithelial origin, which in the absence of adequate treatment disrupts the function of the pancreas, due to compression on nearby tissues, and in 3 % of cases regenerates into cystadenocarcinoma.

Aim. Present a clinical case of surgical treatment of cystadenoma of the body of the pancreas, while preserving the caudal part of the latter to prevent the possible development of diabetes.

Material and methods. Patient M., 72 years old, who was hospitalized in the infectious department of the central district hospital, during ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and peritoneal space revealed a neoplasm of the retroperitoneal space in the body and tail of the pancreas, in connection with which she was transferred to the surgery department. After the appropriate examination, the patient underwent surgery — laparotomy. Removal of a neoplasm of the body of the pancreas. Distal pancreatojejunoanastomosis, entero-enteroanastomosis. Abdominal drainage.

Results. The postoperative period was without complications, drainage was removed, sutures were removed for 9-10 days, the wound healed with primary tension.

In the section of the drug, there is a capsule with a wall thickness of up to 2.0 mm, which contains mucopurulent masses in the form of flakes. The outer wall of the capsule is covered with joints and vessels, and the inner has a shiny matte surface. The histopathological examination indicates cystadenoma of the pancreas.

The choice to form a distal pancreatojejunostomy in contrast to the distal resection of the pancreas was due to the patient’s age and high probability of developing diabetes because it is in the caudal part of the pancreas is the lion’s number of islets of Langerhans.

Conclusion. When performing radical surgical interventions on the pancreas in elderly and senile patients, it is necessary to preserve the tissues of the latter, especially the tail, to prevent the development of diabetes.


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