• I. B. Babynkina
  • A. A. Novikova
  • G. P. Babynkina
Keywords: chronic venous insufficiency, trophic ulcers, post-thrombophlebitic and varicose diseases


Summary. The aim. Improving the results of treatment of patients with decompensated forms of chronic venous insufficiency in post-thrombophlebitic and varicose diseases based on the use of differentiated pathogenetically substantiated surgical tactics.

Materials and methods. The basis of the work is the study of the results of surgical treatment of 102 patients not previously operated on with postthrombophlebitic disease of the lower extremities in the decompensated stage of CVI. All patients underwent combined surgical treatment, including the elimination of perforating insufficiency and various modifications of the operation on the superficial veins to eliminate vertical reflux.

Results and discussion. The combined operation for clipping perforating veins allows the operation to interrupt blood circulation through insolvent perforating veins, including on an outpatient basis, minimizing tissue trauma during puncture rather than sectional access to a vein. The cosmetic effect of the operation is significantly increased, which is especially important in the treatment of women. Since the operation can be performed on an outpatient basis, the number of days of incapacity for work is significantly reduced compared to standard operations on perforating veins, which is a particularly important circumstance in modern economic conditions.

Conclusion. Using the proposed method allows to achieve optimal conditions for the restoration of trophism of affected tissues, leading to a decrease in the number of complications and a reduction in hospitalization.


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