• V. V. Boyko
  • K. L. Gaft
  • E. V. Nakonechny
  • M. V. Shilina
Keywords: destructive index, bullous pulmonary emphysema, forms of pulmonary emphysema, spontaneous pneumothorax, videothoracoscopy.


Objective. To study the factors of a large number of relapses of spontaneous pneumothorax in bullous emphysema (BE) of the lungs and to improve the results of treatment of patients with various forms of BE with the help of developed methods.

Methods. The study is based on the study of the results of surgical treatment of 423 patients with different forms of BE, which used traditional and developed surgical tactics using patented methods for determining the elastic capacity of pulmonary tissue and autohemoplévoidosis as an integral component of radical surgical interventions.

Results. The use of developed surgical tactics using videotrakaskopicheskoy biopsy to further determine the destructive index in patients with different forms of BE has reduced the overall number of relapses from 18.8% in the comparison group to 5.1%.

Conclusion. Videotracoscopic biopsy with the definition of a destructive index allows to more objectively distribute FE in forms that allows to choose optimal surgical tactics.


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Boyko, V. V., Gaft, K. L., Nakonechny, E. V., & Shilina, M. V. (2019). VIDEOTRACOSCOPIC INTERFERENCE WITH BULLOUS EMPHYSEMA COMPLICATED BY SPONTANEOUS PNEUMOTHORAX. Kharkiv Surgical School, (3-4), 59-63.

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