• V. A. Syplyvy
  • V. I. Robak
  • D. V. Ievtushenko
  • V. O. Kurbatov
  • S. V. Grinchenko
  • L. O. Robak
Keywords: acute necrotic pancreatitis, clinical markers, severity, ASSES.


Summary. Acute necrotic pancreatitis carries enough difficulty in diagnosis and treatment. Destructive forms with retroperitoneal tissue damage cause lethality up to 70 %.

The aim was to establish early clinical markers of disease severity.

Material and methods. The results of surgical treatment of 120 patients with acute pancreatitis were analyzed. Patients were divided into groups: first group – 40 patients without parapancreatitis; second group — 80 patients with parapancreatitis. Peripheral blood reaction, main biochemical indicators, blood electrolytes, general condition by integral scales were evaluated in this groups.

Results and discussion. On the admission day, the levels of erythrocytes and hemoglobin in patients in both groups were within normal limits. All patients had leukocytosis. All subjects had high LII rates. In the dynamics of treatment leukocytosis significantly decreased in the second group. Changes in clinical blood tests, urinalysis, ALT, AST, bilirubin, urea, creatinine were not significant.

Conclusions. Postoperative mortality was 27.2 %. 67 % of patients had parapancreatitis. It was revealed, that reliable early markers of severity of acute necrotizing pancreatitis are: level of WBC, leucocyte intoxication index, intoxication indicator, organism`s resistance index, reactive neutrophilic response, C-reactive protein and level of calcium. It was proved, that evaluation of patient`s condition by scales ASSES, SAPS II and Ranson objectively reflects the patient`s condition during the course of treatment.


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Syplyvy, V. A., Robak, V. I., Ievtushenko, D. V., Kurbatov, V. O., Grinchenko, S. V., & Robak, L. O. (2020). EARLY CLINICAL MARKERS OF SEVERITY OF ACUTE NECROTIC PANCREATITIS. Kharkiv Surgical School, (2), 53-57. https://doi.org/10.37699/2308-7005.2.2020.11

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